Here's a dream I had that has some real psychological significance and meaning:

There was this family that was perfectly happy and content with life just the way it was and they had no complaints about it whatsoever. They lived in a condemned house that had broken windows, no furniture, and was mounted on the back of a truck.

There was this thing in the closet that was invisible and was quite large in size. It was a big mouth and the mouth was eating everything in sight, including the family who referred to it as The Thing That Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger.

Even though it was eating them alive, they paid no attention to it at all.

I was there thinking I had to be in a relationship with someone in order to be happy and that I had to be with this dysfunctional family in order to achieve that happiness.

Here's the meaning of the dream: The Thing That Keeps Getting Bigger And Bigger is the Denial that they allow to perpetuate and grow like a festering virus being left unchecked. It appears in the dream as a mouth because it is literally eating them alive. It is invisible because they refuse to acknowledge that it is consuming them. After telling this dream to a friend, she said it sounded like family secrets. I thought that was quite accurate and interesting.

The condemned house with broken windows is an external manifestation of convincing yourself you are content even though your world is falling apart and you feel desperately alone.

No furniture means a lack of inner peace and a sense of turmoil going on inside. The house being mounted on the back of a truck means that there are no roots being established.

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