Holistic Technologies is: Erik Stackhouse, who has been involved with Internet technology since 1992.

His skills include various programming languages, as well as database design, web development and graphic design.

He can work with you to bring up your online presence, whether it's an informational website, a Wordpress site with a blog and social media links, a custom content management system or a dynamic e-commerce system.

Since 2004, Erik has been lead developer for CartKeeper: an online catalog and shopping cart written in PHP, designed to be simple to use, both for your customers, and for you to administrate. If you need it to do something that it doesn't already do, he can customize it for you.

The "Holistic" in Holistic Technologies means that the methods and practices recommended and used when performing work are designed to leave you in control of the technology you use, with minimum dependence on "walled gardens" and other proprietary third party tools and systems that take control away from you. This entails adopting philosophies that maximize non-prescriptive methods and processes. Erik can design your system so that you have as much, or as little control as you want. He can make recommendations, but ultimately it's up to you to decide how you want to use your technology, and how you want others to be able to use it.

Of course, it's not always practical or possible to avoid prescriptive and proprietary systems, so if you require integration with proprietary third party services, Erik can help you find the best way to achieve that integration while retaining as much control as possible.

So, whatever your technological needs, Erik is prepared to help you navigate our technological world and make it serve you well.